Thursday, July 31, 2014

Before I head off to bed...

Currently really liking this pic of Elle & I two days before he left the States to go back to his home country. I one.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm on vacation!

I seriously have been neglecting my blog for the past two-years. I want to change that.

Whelp, first thing's first, I am on vacation at the moment! A much needed relaxation trip is what I needed. Been doing a lot of contemplating about the people in my life. I'm saddened by the consequences of what 1-year has been but I guess you just can't always get what you want. Although I am not happy, I cannot rely on a person for happiness. When I get back to the city, there is something that I need to do differently from my usual so-called life. Wow, I did not expect to spill my thoughts out like that. On to other news....

 I'm so dumb at packing. Only packed two shirts for this whole trip. So I been re-wearing the same shirt for the pass 3-4 days now lol Oh well, until it gets super stinky then I got something to complain about. I also have been wearing that floppy hat too! Super useful! It's practically like a 24/7 shade built into your head! :)

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